Our cardio kickboxing classes are designed to push you to your limit!  Whether it is your first day, or you’re a seasoned athlete, the workout you get will be second to none.



Beginner Friendly!
We were all out of shape on our first day.  Our experienced kickboxing instructors will let you work through your first workouts at your  own pace.

Not Punching Air!
Punching and kicking an actual heavy bag is a great stress reliever after a long day.  At PTC Combat Fitness, each student has their own heavy bag to provide real resistance for your techniques.  Don’t get fooled into taking an aerobic’s class called kickboxing!

Burn 700-1000 calories
Our high intensity workouts will shred the fat off of you.  In conjunction with a proper diet, you *will* see results.

KB3Learn the Same Techniques as the Pro’s
You will be learning the same Muay Thai techniques that you see professional fighters employ every day.

Unlimited Classes, 1 price
We offer both morning, and nighttime classes.  A cardio kickboxing membership also includes access to our Cardio Boxing classes, in addition to access to the facilities outside of scheduled class times.

Utilize the form on this page to schedule an absolutely *FREE* week trial.  Come see why we are the #1 destination for kickboxing in Fayetteville, Newnan, Peachtree City, Senoia, Fairburn, and their surrounding areas.  If you are looking to get in shape, there is literally nothing stopping you from changing your life, contact us today!