We all want our kids to pass through their school careers without becoming a victim of bullying.  The statistics show that this will be a uphill battle though;   28% of children report being bullied throughout their middle school and high school experiences.

Research shows over half of all bullying can be stopped by the victim verbally asserting themselves, and standing their ground against their aggressor.  However, this is much easier said than done.  A bully chooses it’s target wisely, and will hone in on the children he or she perceives as having low self esteem.  A child’s mind is wired for it’s personal safety first, and many times the psychological fear of physical violence is enough to keep them from standing up for themselves; and that’s where we come in. 

Learning an *effective* self defense system like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will empower your child with the confidence needed to stand up for themselves. This does not mean that they will march into the school and try to start a fight with every kid that looks at them funny!  A confident child carries himself in a way that will deter bullies.  With the knowledge that the bully cannot physically harm them, they will hold no psychological edge over your child, and they cease to be a victim.

Our kid’s classes use games and concepts found in the award winning Gracie Bully Proof program, which is a great supplement to our in academy training.  All of our techniques are taught in a manner that emphasise self defense and possible schoolyard situations.

PTC Combat Fitness is also proud to offer any middle school, or high school age student who is a victim of bullying a free month of class.  Details of the specific problem will be kept confidential, and we will get them started on a journey that will empower their lives with the confidence needed to stand up for themselves not only at school, but through the rest of their life.

We are a short drive from Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan, Senoia, and Sharpsburgh. Come see why we are the number one Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school for kids and adults in the South Metro area.